Our wedding packages are as diverse as the couples we help get married. Our Myrtle Beach wedding packages hotel also includes beaches, romance packages, and much more. The goal of our wedding planner packages is to make sure that couples get the wedding they desire but without having to put any effort into the process of planning it.

Hotel Wedding Packages

Hotels are amongst the most popular wedding venues in Myrtle Beach. However, the type of hotel, the size of the hall, etc. all depends on the couple’s budget and the size of their wedding party. Thankfully, we have the resources to plan any size and type of wedding. If you desire to host your wedding reception at a hotel, our team will take care of everything from finding the right hotel to booking it, and then go about decorating the venue.

If you have a specific Myrtle Beach wedding packages hotel in mind, we’ll book the space, and make the required arrangements for your wedding. We can also recommend a hotel to couples based on the size of their wedding party and budget.

Beach Wedding Packages

Getting married on the beach is one of the hottest trends in Myrtle Beach. Many people come to the city from adjoining cities and nearby states to get married on the beach. However, unlike other venues, setting up a wedding at the beach is extremely challenging. Not only do we have to contend with getting the required permits for the wedding, but plan for what could be bad weather on the day of the wedding. It goes without saying that no couple wants strong gusts of wind with sand blowing on their wedding day.

Our beach wedding packages Myrtle Beach handle everything required to make sure that your beach wedding is a success. We don’t just plan for the food, drink, and decoration, but make sure that we predict the weather and have a contingency plan in place. That said before you decide to have a beach wedding and decide on a date, make sure to consult with us.

General Wedding Packages

If you have decided to get married elsewhere or have no venue preferences, then this package is for you. Our team will work with you to decide on the best venue based on your budget, the number of people expected to attend the wedding, and when you’re deciding on getting married. We can then advise couples on the best course of action.

Customized Wedding Packages

It is your wedding, and so you should be in the driving seat. That’s why all our Myrtle Beach wedding packages hotel, beach, or general venue is customizable. You can customize how much you need us and when. We can handle either your entire wedding from start to finish or parts of it.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding or are getting married soon, now would be an excellent time to contact us to book a discovery meeting.